Revolutionizing the T&T industry by in-depth analysis of its challenges and delivering innovative, research-based technology solutions.

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Immersing Travelers in a World of Possibilities with AR/VR, Machine Learning, and Blockchain.

Fostering Positive Social and Economic Impact in the Travel and Tourism Industry through Academic Research.

Building an Authentic Knowledge Base for a Next-Generation Travel and Tourism Search Engine.

About Us

We're a dynamic company with a strong foundation in research via our strong industry-academia linkage.

Our focus on market requirements, combined with our expertise in technology integration through web and mobile apps, allows us to provide cutting-edge research and technology support for our brands.

Our innovative solutions help discover, uncover, and recover new frontiers and achieve success in their mission to promote the true beauty of Pakistan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive innovation and progress in the field of Travel & Tourism.

We believe that the right combination of research and technology can open up new possibilities and help us unlock the full potential of modern exploration.

ZunNurain Khalid

Founder ExploreX

Prof. Salman Nasir

Academic Consultant

Dr. Muhammad Zulqarnain

Research Consultant

Dr. Bushra Khalid

Environmental Specialist

Why ExploreX is the solution for creating value chain for B2B and B2C customers

ExploreX is a platform that empowers users to explore the "X" factor in the travel and tourism (T&T) industry. Whether you're a business looking for research and insights into the T&T market, or an individual seeking authentic information and exciting new travel experiences, ExploreX has something for everyone. With a focus on research and technology, ExploreX provides a comprehensive solution for all your T&T needs.

From access to cutting-edge research on T&T trends and requirements, to innovative technology solutions such as mobile and web apps, ExploreX makes it easy to stay ahead of the curve. And with the option to participate and earn on the platform, ExploreX offers an exciting and rewarding experience for users looking to maximize their engagement in the T&T industry. So why wait? Hop on ExploreX today and discover the "X" factor in T&T!

Why ExploreX is the solution for creating value chain for B2B and B2C customers

Nurture each stakeholder

We empathize with every stakeholder involved in the T&T, understand and act accordingly.

Efforts not excuses

We dedicate ourselves to generating a feasible solution to the operational problems our partners faces.

Positive impact

Our passion solely lies in positively disrupting the T&T industry and making an everlasting impact.

Experience is key

Everything we do has one focus - improve our user's experience, because for us experience is everything.

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